Artist, Designer, Educator



Hale Ekinci is a Chicago-based Turkish interdisciplinary artist and an Associate Professor of Art at North Central College, teaching a variety of courses in the Digital Art field. She spent childhood and much of her young adult years in Turkey, the homeland that she brings in and out of focus throughout her works. She completed her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media at Columbia College Chicago. Focusing on narrative and intercultural connections, her works vary from illustration and mixed media collage to video and installation. Her recent projects touch on social issues, cultural traditions, and political unrest. Despite the sometimes dismal nature of these controversial issues, her works are often playful as she uses vibrant colors, patterns, and hopeful moments.


My work explores the absurd yet serious, traditional but whimsical, complex and so simple narratives on the human condition; particularly regarding tribes of people connected by culture, tradition, language or a common cause for the community. I am attracted to stories that provide a more compassionate perspective on the topic I explore, be it tradition or political unrest.  Bizarre cultural and personal stories, words, sayings, translations -visible or not- are the backbone of my voice. Recent political turmoil, the rejuvenation of youth through hope and revolt, and the horrifying acts of oppressive rulers also seep into the fabric of my work. I crochet these into my participatory yarn installations and interventions. Changing my mediums often, I translate each culture’s narratives of the human condition into visual concoctions that together reimagine and guide a connected global human experience.


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