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Refreshing Feminism
to Mar 16

Refreshing Feminism

Opening Reception: Friday, February 22, 2019  | 6 – 8 p.m.
Exhibition will take place February 22 – March 16, 2019

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is proud to present ‘Refreshing Feminism,’ a group exhibition serving to showcase feminist protest art, paving the way toward visualizing our diverse identities, and empowering women to address the world from a shared stage of common experiences.

39 Exhibiting Artists:  Biance Alebiosu, Melissa Arostegui, Jenny E Balisle, Whitney Bradshaw, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Kathleen Celestin-Parks, Parmalee Cover, Pia Cruzalegui, Sharon Draghi, Hale Ekinci, Sydell Glasser, Lea Goldman, Ellen Holtzblatt, Suzanne Horwitz, Michael Hubbard, Damien James, Judith Joseph, Rachel Kanter, Venise Keys, Shayna Kiblin, Sena Kwon, Jennifer McNulty, Cristen Millett, Ruti Modlin, Jane Norling, Tracy Ostmann Haschke, Trix Rosen, Sara Salass, Lilach Schrag, Joanna Sit, Michael Springer, Patricia Stewart, Keila Strong, Juli Teitler, Loralyn Tornheim, Rhonda Urdang, Nancy VanKanegan, Janet Webber, and Guest Artist: Sam Kirk

“Refreshing Feminism by feminist artists of today, is expressed through a wide variety of media. New types of art have also been developed, some specifically to meet the needs of the new consciousness and to express its messages. Visual art is a vital part of any social rights struggle.”
– Dorit Jordan Dotan

Israeli-German multidisciplinary artist Dorit Jordan Dotan, lives and works in Chicago. Dorit’s work often expresses her social/political views, and calls attention to cultural issues. She is a long-time participant in movements for social change, and is active in the areas of peace, co-existence, women’s issues, and human and animal rights. Her work as a documentary photographer and graphic designer has brought her images to the attention of the wider international and local community and media. She has exhibited in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Haifa, Jerusalem and around the US. Dorit has participated in the Jerusalem Biennale in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 she curated an exhibition about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Evanston Art Center.

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Lifted:  an exhibition exploring image-based appropriation in the digital age
to Mar 7

Lifted: an exhibition exploring image-based appropriation in the digital age

Opening reception: Monday, February 11 from 12:35 – 1:30 pm

Exhibition will take place February 11 – March 7

The Pearl Conard Gallery at Ohio State Mansfield is proud to present Lifted, an exhibition exploring image-based appropriation in the digital age. The exhibition will highlight 11 artists from across the United States who subvert, disrupt, assemble, critique, comment on, or otherwise transform images appropriated from the world-wide-web.

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Pushing Paper: Juried Group Exhibition
to Apr 19

Pushing Paper: Juried Group Exhibition

Opening reception: February 8, 2019, 6-9 PM

Exhibition will be on display February 8 – April 10, 2019

This juried group exhibition features 62 artists from around the country making innovative, nontraditional, and conceptual work around the medium of paper. Works were selected from over 400 entries, providing insight into the world of paper with unique and varied lenses.

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